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Expert Witness Services

An expert witness is a professional
who has the training, education, and experience necessary to assist a trier of fact (i.e., judge or jury) in understanding scientifically-based psychological aspects of a case. Dr. Humphrey is an expert in child and family psychology (including parenting and parenting capacity) and child abuse and neglect.


Mediation is the process of helping parties (usually parents) resolve differences. The mediator is a neutral third party who cannot adjudicate, but can offer help in identifying barriers to resolution, exploring alternative solutions in a confidential environment, and helping the parties come to an agreement.

Forensic & Psychological 


Ideally, a psychological evaluation in a custody or child protection case is ordered by the court, with Dr. Humphrey identified as the court-ordered evaluator. However, there are also occasions on which parents or their attorneys might wish to have a private evaluation performed. 

Once Dr. Humphrey is retained to conduct an evaluation, he will contact the parents to participate in a series of interviews. He will also conduct psychological testing. If possible, Dr. Humphrey will also see the parents with the child(ren), interview professionals or acquaintances who may be able to provide helpful insight, and review any pertinent documents. 

When these steps are completed, a report is prepared and disseminated in a manner established at the outset of the process.

Family Court & Forensic 

Cases involving parenting capacity, custody considerations, or child abuse allegations can be extremely anxiety-provoking for parents. Consultation with an experienced forensic psychologist can help eliminate some sources of this anxiety. 

Dr. Humphrey works with attorneys and their clients to help identify the steps that
should be taken in seeking the best interest
of child(ren). If it is possible, every effort is made to engage in mediation or similar processes to avoid lengthy trials. Litigation can be costly both financially and emotionally.

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