Are you considering hiring a consultant for your Family Court case?

Cases involving custody, parental rights, or child abuse allegations can be extremely anxiety-provoking for parents. Consultation with an experienced forensic psychologist can help eliminate some sources of this anxiety.

Dr. Humphrey works with attorneys and their clients to help identify the steps that should be taken in seeking the best interest of child(ren). If it is possible, every effort is made to engage in mediation or similar processes to avoid lengthy trials. Litigation can be costly both financially and emotionally.

Psychologists strive to avoid conflicts of interest and multiple relationships in conducting evaluations. Therefore, a consultant will provide some services that an evaluator or therapist will not provide, and will not adopt the role of evaluator or therapist. A consultant might help an attorney craft questions that will help to highlight aspects of a case (including fact patterns, expert testimony, and psychological reports).

While consultants must take extreme care not to influence the evaluation process, many parents find it helpful to understand the evaluation process toward the goal of reducing anxiety Thus, consultants cannot "prep" a parent for evaluation, but can offer general guidance and support as they enter this often anxiety-inducing process. Once an evaluation is completed, Dr. Humphrey can consult with the person(s) evaluated to help them understand the results and how those results may affect their case. Dr. Humphrey is also able to help parents understand and address any limitations or deficiencies in psychological evaluations. 

Other key aspects of the consultation will include exploring the value of specific witnesses, presenting relevant psychological data, and planning for the child’s future welfare.